UFOs No More

So I’ve been concentrating on completing my UFO (Un-Finished Objects). The past two weeks especially I seem to have been possessed of the idea, probably because I’m itching to start something new and can’t allow myself to do so until I’ve finished off a few things. In pursuit of that, I’ve finished a scarf (that was *coughthreecough* years in the making), a birthday present for a friend, and a quilt/wall hanging (started 7 years ago). W00T!

By the way, a UFO is deemed such when it remains unfinished far longer than the original goal of finishing. A project that is unfinished but has not yet passed the original time estimate is just a WIP – Work In Progress.

The scarf! Um, it IS actually mine, but I didn’t have another model. This was my first knitting project, and it took me forever because I was trying to teach myself to knit left-handed from right-handed books. *facepalm* My mother in law finally taught me how to bind off so I could stop. ๐Ÿ˜›



The wall hanging. I am fully aware of this darn project’s many shortcomings, not the least of which was the pattern itself. I so wish I would have listened to my grandmother and picked another pattern for my first quilting project, but alas. The entire thing is hand-pieced and hand quilted. The stars are all stretched and skewed, that’s not just your computer screen. I also know I should have quilted a design in the middle of the stars, but after 7 years of messing with it I just wanted to be DONE. It’s puckered, stretched, and who knows what else, but it is finished.



The birthday present…will have a picture once the friend has received it,ย  just in case she should happen upon this blog.

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2 thoughts on “UFOs No More

  1. I started a nine-patch quilt. I made one square. So, your quilt is clearly better than mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I want that scarf!! *steals* It looks so soft and comfy and snuggly and… *runs off with it*


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