WIP Number 2

This was pieced in the beginner machine piecing class I took. I decided to handquilt it, and as usual didn’t listen to the people who tried to tell me curved motifs weren’t the best choice for a first quilting project. Doh. Actually, it’s coming out pretty well. I had it in a frame, but then it was rolled up by itself for several months, thus wrinkling the back something awful. My main issue with it right now is that I somehow managed to wrinkle the back while I was quilting it in one particular area. It’s not HUGE, but it bugs me. I’m considering ripping it out, but I don’t know. All that work. This was my first real hand quilting project, as the quilting on it was started before that on the star wall hanging.

Quilting on the 9 patches.

Quilting on the snowballs (complete with pencil marks, lol).

And that little problem that’s bugging me on the back. There’s also one really big stitch there that’s annoying me now. πŸ˜›


One thought on “WIP Number 2

  1. Lovely!

    Ugh, I know your dilemma with whether to tear out or not… When a project isn’t just right, it’s hard to be completely pleased with it, because you’re always going back to the mess up. But then again, it takes so much time to tear out and redo, and sometimes, it’s like… it isn’t worth it!! So yeah, I hear ya on that one. πŸ˜€


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