Progress, and the Tour de Fleece!

I’ve been very busy with school and work over the last couple months, and the past 3 weeks have seen much spinning as I’ve been participating in the Tour de Fleece! I’ve also started attemptin to knit socks.First things first though:

This is the yarn that lovely blue batt in the last post turned into. Mmmmm.

I also tried N-plying for the first time.

And this is how I started the Tour de Fleece! 4 oz organic merino roving from eXtreme Spinning, Strawberries and Cream colorway. Today is the last day of the Tour, and I am almost finished spinning it (doing a 3 ply sock yarn…phew!). Not sure if I’ll get it plied or not, but I’m sure as heck going to try. You can see the progression in these pics.

First ply!

Two plies!

Oh yeah, and this is from my rather disastrous Challenge Day…but I learned a lot. I was trying to 2-ply 100% bamboo, but was a bit lazy about it, and…snarls and tangles and an itsy bitsy skein. Sigh. Oh well, now I know what NOT to do with bamboo.

Must get back to spinning! Oh yeah, and working on the writing assignments that are due today…


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