Okay, I have found my official LYS. Yes, MY. I’ve only been to two (there seems to be a shortage in this area – must be the weather), but my experiences were as different as day and night. So of course I just have to blog about them.

The first one I tried was in Ft. Worth, close to downtown but kind of in an old part of town. While they had a nice selection, it felt like I was treading on turf I didn’t have any right to be on. Maybe it was my age, I talked different, I don’t know. One lady was very nice and showed me around, but the shop owner was snippy and almost rude. I came in looking for yarn to make a specific wrap, and it was my first time in a yarn shop. I was dazzled with the colors, but was and still am a fairly new knitter. I didn’t understand how much yarn the pattern was asking for, and she explained it. I still didn’t quite understand, and when I asked another question she got all prissy and indignant. Um, excuse me? And heaven forbid I knit left-handed (i.e., backwards). Hmph. I did buy yarn for that project, since I thought that was the closest LYS to me and I was desperate to cast on (I don’t have a stash…yet). I left though, feeling somewhat smothered and snubbed. Oh yes, and the fact that I was the youngest person in the shop, including all the customers who came in during the hour and a half I was there, by about 30 years. It felt like I was raining on the granny parade, as I got stared at while looking around. It was the whole, “What’s SHE doing here?” attitude. So despite the lovely yarn and cute store set-up, I really didn’t want to go back.

This was several months ago, like back in March. This past Thursday I was desperate enough for some yellow sock yarn that I drove to Plano to visit the Woolie Ewe. It was a longer drive than I anticipated, which had me muttering before I even got there. I walked in and there was literal wall-to-wall yarn, all the way up to the ceiling in many places. A huge selection of books and patterns, needles, and even a little roving. They were very busy when I walked in, but as soon as I started looking a little lost (yes, I do it on purpose sometimes to test a store’s customer service) someone popped over and asked if I needed help. She pointed me in the direction of the yarnΒ  Iwanted. So I picked up a few skeins to carry around and think about while I drooled over everything else. Then another lady came over and started talking to me, asking if I had what I wanted, what was I going to make, etc. When I told her it was only my second time in a LYS, she took me over the entire store, pulling out different brands of yarn, telling me about different designers, dyers, etc. etc. She took almost an hour with me, just doing this. And when I mentioned that I knit left handed, or from my right needle onto my left, after looking completely and totally amazed for a moment, asked me for more details. I actually ended up with a knitting lesson from Jill, the store’s owner, because I was complaining about knitting so tightly.Β  All in all, a marvelous experience. I didn’t buy much (not quite $30 worth of stuff), but I was treated like I was buying the store out. I’m already trying to figure out when I can go again. Jill and Claire (I think that was the other lady’s name…fuzzy brain ATM) were wonderful.

I have found my LYS.

Pics of the acquired yellow sock yarn, for the Sock Knitters Anonymous September challenge:

Oh yes, and pictures of my newly and first ever finished sock, of which I am very proud. These things are totally addicting. This is before blocking.

ETA: And my newest handspun yarn! 2 ounces of “Royalty” batts from Silver Sun Alpacas. 91 yards bulky. I’m calling it my Vacation yarn.


2 thoughts on “LYSs

  1. Sounds like you had a great LYS experience! I avoid my LYS at all costs… the owner is bizarre and controlling and generally makes browsing for yarn an uncomfortable experience. Your handspun looks lovely πŸ™‚


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