I hate messy stuff. As much as I love crafting in many various forms, it all has to be contained. I think that’s why I like fiber so much. It squishes down easily into a box or a sealable bag.

Which is why I will never be a dyer. The idea of many liquids of different colors, possibly running down the sides of counters and off the edges of tables, makes me feel queasy. I have such admiration for the people who can take these horribly messy liquids that look like so much trouble in their little containers, into gorgeous fiber and yarn.

One of my favorite indie dyers is Sharon from Three Irish Girls. She creates the most beautiful, vibrant colorways. In fact, during Ravelry’s Dye for Glory competition last year, I believe she won half of the categories and was subsequently swamped with orders. Literally. See here. But she is awesome, and filled every single one, all while keeping up with the three 3IG yarn clubs (of which I am a very happy member of Sock Yarnista Club). Not only is she a brilliant dyer, she’s also friendly and sweet. I’ve contacted her with questions several times, and have always been answered kindly – even during all that DFG dyeing! She’s also an excellent writer. Her blog never gets hit with the “mark all read” button in my Google Reader. Never. She’s engaging, amusing, and interesting. And her yarn rocks. Did I mention that already?

This was my most recent Sock Yarnista shipment. Isn’t it gorgeous?? By the way, notice all the clubs currently say sold out? She just announced she’s opening them back up for new memberships. 😀

Speaking of yarn, I’m working on spinning up some superwash BFL sock yarn for the shop. And just today, I received my trial order of some superwash merino/cashmere/nylon top that I’m going to try and that will find it’s way into the shop as well. It’s yummy. Really yummy. What, pictures? Hmm, maybe soon. Oh, and there is a sock pattern in the works. Fun, fun!


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