Cruel World

I’m very sad today.

There is a very sweet, very scared little dog at the animal shelter where I volunteer.

No one will look at her because she isn’t one of the “pretty” breeds, and she was mistreated so she growls when a new person comes up to her.

She melts after a few minutes of talking to her though. Crawls in your lap, begs for treats.Loves dog biscuits. Takes them oh-so-very-politely from your hand. No fast swipes, no teeth. Very ladylike. Doesn’t pull on her leash when you take her for a walk.

I love her. She needs a new loving home. I can’t give her one because all the space in my 460 square foot apartment is occupied by myself, my husband, and my 90 pound golden retriever.

I’m crying because they’re going to euthanize her on Monday morning.

I know it’s a very long shot that anyone who reads my blog is in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and could help, but if you can, please either contact me or the shelter. Links and pictures below.

The shelter guys named her Riley. I’ve been calling her Cookie, and she’s starting to answer to it.

She needs love and patience. Please see her profile on Petfinder. If you’re even remotely interested, contact me or the lady listed on Petfinder.


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