So my last dog related post was rather sad. I’ll try not to be so depressing again, but sometimes I just have to get the sad out. BUT, today I have a dog story with a happy ending.

Last week when I was at the shelter, there was this huge, gorgeous, German shepherd. A beautiful male, 80 pounds even slightly underweight. At about 2 years of age, he easily dominated the entire yard. But no one would adopt him. Why? Because if you had to use one word to describe this dog’s personality. . .


See him in these pictures (which are horrible of him, ftr, don’t do him justice at all)? I am 99% sure he was charging at the volunteer taking them. No joke. Oh, because right after intense would be hormonal.

Nope, not neutered. If I hear one more person say they don’t fix their dogs because of x, y, or z, I think I will scream. Right. There. As I approached his kennel to walk him, another volunteer called after me, “Be careful! He’s probably going to think you’re cute!”

*blink blink*

I opened his kennel door and was hit with 80 pounds of crazy. He stood on his hind legs (which made him as tall as me, and I’m almost 6′ in shoes), wrapped both front legs around me, and. . .yeah. Craaaaaaazy dog. Almost completely uncontrollable. He pulled my back out and it took 6 days to heal. But as I watched him, I was again just so sad. Here was a beautiful animal with such an enormous amount of potential – dogs like that are totally awesome when given a job. And he would be put down because some idiot had neglected and finally abandoned him. Rescue had already been contacted, but they didn’t want 80 pounds of crazy with teeth. I left feeling sad and wondering if there were ever happy endings to cases like this.

Fast forward a few days. Thanks to a wonderful volunteer that comes to the shelter every day, all the dogs are listed on Petfinder. Turned out someone from the Waco Police Department saw this big guy and was intrigued enough to come by and see him in person. To my great joy, the uncontrollable king of hormonal crazy is going to some of the only people who can successfully reform dogs like him, and he’s going to have an awesome job that will certainly make use of his intense drive – the big crazy boy is going to be a drug dog.

There are happy endings. But without volunteers, they would happen a lot less often. Please take time to help your local shelter out!


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