Closet Demon

So yesterday was supposed to be spent studying and working.


I got up late, and my stomach demanded a hearty breakfast. I tried to make French toast.

It flopped. Apparently it is best to pay attention to the recipe when it calls for dried out French bread, not regular store-bought sandwich bread. Yuck.

I vacuumed. Our floor takes on a distinctive golden haze this time of year if vacuuming is not accomplished every day. It’s such a mystery.

Or not. The day after temperatures hit 60 here, he turned into a huge fluffball. Anywhere you touched him, hair would come off. Gah. And it gets into everything. Everything.

Then I remembered dh’s work pants needed mending, and the new ones needed hemmed. So I pulled my sewing machine out of the closet – getting bombarded by many various implements of the resident Closet Demon, who of late has become bolder, to the extent of pulling stuff off the top shelves to hurl at me, and knocking clothes off their respective hangers.

I closed the door, sat down at the machine, and heard a huge racket from inside the closet.I did my best to ignore CD’s antics, but every time I opened the door yesterday, something fell on me. My temper got shorter and shorter. This was just ridiculous. I kept telling myself I needed to ignore him, but I couldn’t even sit down without thinking about the ever-growing mess.

I eventually decided that the time spent conquering CD would result in more worry-free study time. So I tackled him. Sadly I did not think to take pics prior to the purge, but here is the stack of stuff that is leaving my little pad for the Goodwill:

And the inside of the closet afterward. The amount of stuff this space can hold is astounding, though apparently the CD only allows so much. I don’t think we’d be able to live here without it. My only complaint is that I wish they had made it a little wider. When we both have clothes hanging up the length of it, they’re so close together it makes it difficult to turn around. And no, he doesn’t really have more clothes than I do…I just keep my winter/summer stuff separate, and keep only the respective season out.

And, of course, while I had the sewing machine out, I just couldn’t resist working on this a little bit…

I know, I know, I should have been studying. But it’s such a pain to drag the machine out, and it was already set up, and I peeked into the box, and, and…yeah.

I now have ALL the blocks for this quilt finished. W00T!!! I’m embarrassed to admit that the fabric for this quilt was purchased the summer I graduated from high school (hence the purple and gold, school colors). Started the quilt then. And um…am now about to graduate from college, and have just now finished piecing the blocks.

I love it. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Which reminds me, I had a thought while working on this, for a blog post about why crafting things makes me happy. It has to do with the memories put into each project. More on that later.


One thought on “Closet Demon

  1. My dog is about the same color, and is totally started to shed now. We find little clumps of fur EVERYWHERE, and heaven forbid you touch him…

    Nice piecing on your quilt!


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