I Used to be a Good Blogger

When I was in high school and Xanga was all the rage, I updated several times a week. Now I seem to struggle to make more posts than I can count on my hands inside a year.

I would like to think that’s because real life is now more interesting than blogging about it. However, that’s probably not entirely true. Maybe I’ve grown up a little and realize that making sure there is something edible for dinner is slightly more important than angst filled blog posts.

Sadly, I think that’s what a lot of my blog posts have become. I only come to post when I’m feeling particularly unsettled, unhappy, or directionless. Therefore, my blog is not really a good reflection on my life any more. Sometimes I think my forum presence is like that too – I only come to post when I need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, which, when one recovers from the feelings that prompted such outbursts, is sometimes embarrassing enough to never, ever want to post on that particular forum again.

I’m not sure what this means. Should I stop writing about personal things altogether? Should my blog only be a record of things I do in the world of writing, designing, etc? Or should I try to be more consistent so that the real me emerges from this blog again?


3 thoughts on “I Used to be a Good Blogger

  1. I’ve been evaluating this for myself lately. I finally decided to do whatever I feel like doing. I now have a mix of two or three blog entries a week on my writing blog, about writing and the writing life. I don’t angst but I do occasionally rant. Maybe something similar?


  2. So, in sum from what I accidentally lost by clicking the big “Logout” button, instead of “submit comment”…

    Do whatever makes you happiest, but if you try to post more, I will try to read more.

    Just busy now what with the divorce, and work, and stuff. I need to go make some magic.


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