I should try this again. I think I will (apparently, I don’t need much encouragement). I’m not going to try to blog every day, but 4 or 5 a week. And hopefully it won’t be too boring or angsty. 😉

So it’s a Monday, and it’s sweltering outside…seems like a good time to write about books. I’ve been reading a lot lately. I think maybe trying make up for lost time, those last few months of working on my degree where I read nothing but books for class. Right now I have a slight obsession with:

Yes, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. The man is a genius. I love his dry, biting sense of humor and his characters – who are full of faults, but utterly endearing. If you haven’t read any of his books, you should. Discworld books are not strictly chronological, but the first one written was Color of Magic (my copy of which will one day be replaced with a hardback…can’t stand to not have a set match!). I’m not a big sci-fi or fantasy fan with the exception of Tolkien and Lewis, but I love these and want to read every single one. I haunt the used bookstore shelves looking for hardback copies.

Speaking of used bookstores, we discovered the. most. awesome. bookstore ever right here in town a few months ago. How we had lived here for over a year and were not aware of it, I have no idea. But we have rectified the situation and made up for our transgression by spending a rather sizable chunk of change there since February. Recycled Books, located on the square in Denton, is by far the most amazing bookstore I’ve ever been in. Legacy Books is a close second, but you can find stuff that’s been out of print for years in Recycled, which levers it to #1. Recycled is 15,000 square feet of awesome. I have yet to walk out of there without a new (to me) book in hand. Check out the slideshow. If you’re ever in the DFW area, it is totally worth a trip out of your way to visit. There’s even a beautiful local coffee shop right next door (which deserves more than the 3.5 stars it has on Yelp, imo).

I discovered Josh Groban has a new CD coming out late this year. Insert fangirl squee here.


3 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. A big YES on Terry Pratchett’s books (and more than a little jealousy that you have those lovely hardcovers) and a seriously no fair on the bookstore. (And an extra fangirl squeal on Josh Groban.)


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