Think Happy Thoughts

Coffee helps everything. I started this post with the paragraph below the dotted line, then realized how awful it sounded and decided I needed an attitude adjustment. So I got some coffee and made an effort to think positive.

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon/evening out with my sister-in-law. It was rather spur of the moment, she got off work early and called to ask if I wanted to go do something. I said yes, and even though neither of us had a very clear idea of what the something we wanted to do was, we walked around the Denton square, went to dinner and saw Toy Story 3 afterward. It was good to just hang out, even if we were in danger of melting between stores. We did some exploring of the various little shops on the square. Found a couple places I’d like to go back to with some money in my pocket – one that does specialty coffees and candles and one that does sort of boho type clothes.

One store we went into, the girl watching the shop was lounging on a cough, reading a book, with a chihuahua under her arm. I did a double take to see if she was a posed mannequin, and when she wasn’t, commented on how cute her dog was. She just sort of sneered at me. Fine. I won’t be coming back to your store, Snooty. And your dog was really ugly anyway, I was just trying to be nice, because, well, every dog deserves a chance. Pffft.

Speaking of melting…I think I know why Texas has the 3rd highest obesity rate in the nation. All anyone wants to do in the summer is sit very still, with a fan and a/c blowing, and eat ice cream. Seriously. I step outside, and I feel like I’m literally going to melt. I can’t stand to cook because as soon as  I turn on the oven or the stove it gets SO hot. Which means we’ve been eating a lot more pizza than is good for us. On the bright side, about the only other thing we’re eating is fresh fruit (which is probably my favorite thing about summer).

Is there a word for creatures that hibernate in summer? Because I am so there. Wake me up when the temperature drops below 80.


I am very, very grouchy today. I kinda sorta know why, but even to my own brain I seem to be overreacting a little. The only being that’s invoking any sort of benevolence today is my dog, and even he is walking a fine line.

Actually, come to think of it, I haven’t had any coffee yet. Maybe that would help.


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