Never Thought I’d See the Day

When I would voluntarily enter a garden center and buy potting soil. I swore up and down that I wouldn’t ever garden again after moving out of my parents’ house. I hate dirt. I hate bugs. Seeing that gardening involves both of these things to a large extent…blegh. Nope. Not for me. Never again. My issue isn’t so much with the upkeep of a garden – I can handle weeding and harvesting, even canning stuff. It’s the initial part, where you get covered in dirt and mud from head to toe (or at least, we always did).

Then I started seriously missing homegrown food. There is just no comparison to fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t care if the sign does say “vine ripe tomatoes,” they’re not the same thing. And homegrown berries…raspberries, blackberries, strawberries – my mom grew all of these, and very well. We almost never bought them from the store. Now…that’s the only place to get them. While the ones we buy here are good…they’re not as good as garden grown berries! And flowers. I love flowers. They make me so happy, it feels almost silly. I love it when Adam surprises me with a bouquet of flowers. I did have my own flower garden at home – flowers are worth sticking my hands in the dirt for.

So…mom sent me some seeds. For some of my favorite things, that could be grown in pots on my balcony. I just barely had to hint that I was missing homegrown food, and she had them in the mail. For those that don’t know my mom, she gardens. A lot. This picture is of mom and dad’s new house, about a year and a half after they moved in (and yes, that’s me on the porch…very old picture, please ignore). I haven’t seen new pictures, but I hear she has landscaped all the way around the house now.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual gardens, but they are huge. We fed a good portion of our friends and neighbors as well as our family every year! You can see some of my sunflowers (several years ago) here, and my flower garden waaaaay back in the lefthand background.

Anyway, all that was to say I’m trying to grow a few things here. I have some dwarf sunflowers up, and I’m trying some tomatoes (not much luck with those so far) and moss roses for a hanging basket. Adam just shakes his head.

We’ll see how they do…


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