Neglected Again…

But this time, I have a decent excuse. Yes, really!

A new novel.

Had the idea for awhile, started it, trashed it, and completely restarted it this past week. Up to around 22,000 words now, but had to take a break to do some backstory and world building. Which means yes, I’ve crossed over to the dark side – fantasy fiction.

What? They had cookies.

In other, knitting related news, I have a sock pattern being released through CraftLit! It should be up on the site any time now, it’s being released with the next episode.  By the way, if you don’t listen to CraftLit, and are interested in literature and maybe a little crafting (not just knitting – the craft content varies) – YOU SHOULD! It’s a down-to-earth mini lecture on various classic books, with the Librivox recording for whatever chapters being discussed in the audio file. The craft talk part only takes up maybe a quarter of the showtime.

It is so. bloody. hot. I would scream, but that would raise my blood pressure and make me sweat more than I already am. Seriously, it’s miserable. My little plants aren’t doing so well either, though I can’t say I blame them in 100+ degree heat every day.


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