Where’s Your Happy Place?

I realized today that I write and think much better when I’m in my happy place. No surprise, hm? But it seems unfair that creativity is so limited. Though really, I can create my happy place in several different areas. Requirements are a comparatively comfortable seat, netbook or notebook, knitting, lots of books, and something good to drink (preferably tea). Here’s a pic of my happy place for today (can sometimes be moved to the library or a nice coffee shop). Since I realized how much better it is for creativity of any sort to be in this sort of environment, I’ve made an effort to sit down in the happy places when I want to write or whatever. No more just plopping down at the dining room table or the lumpy couch that drives me nuts. 😛

Why sit here instead of in the study, with the nicer chair, even more books, and nicer computer? Well, the window on the left side of the picture is shaded by a big tree, and so this room is about 10-15 degrees cooler than the other rooms. Phew. But see? All those things are right there. I call it my zen, or alternately getting in my zone. I can settle down there and write for hours. I look up and can’t believe how much time has passed. Or sometimes I like to turn on an audiobook and knit away. I knit much faster when I’m listening to something. I can feel safe and calm here. Maybe it doesn’t look cozy or inviting, but for me it’s a haven. Sure, I’d love an actual library, with beautiful solid wood bookcases and a rolltop wooden desk, with a huge overstuffed chair. But this works just fine, and when I’m in my zone it doesn’t matter. 🙂 I have a feeling once it gets cooler I’ll move to the actual study, since we just got a nest chair (yay!) and have three times as many books in there, but for now it’s just too darn hot!

Here’s something else that makes me really happy:

Red is my kitchen color, and my mom just gave me this adorably beautiful whistling tea kettle. It makes me happy every time I look at it. 🙂 The cross-stitched picture behind it there makes me smile every day too, because I think about the friend that made it for me.

So where’s your happy place? Where do you go to unwind, or think, or maybe just enjoy a good book? Do you have your dream happy place, or do you improvise?


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