Knitting Pictures

Because I’m in a blogging mood (novel not going so well at the moment), and I actually have a few finished objects to show. If you’re not interested in knitting or crafting in general, you can skip this post. Nothing bookish or otherwise here. 🙂

First up is a pair of socks, my most recently completed project. These are sooooo beautiful (in my opinion). The blue is just happy, happy, happy. Three Irish Girls Springvale Sport. I thought it felt more like a fingering weight, but whatever. Loved it. The colorway is Frolic, from the January Sock Yarnista club.

Baby socks! My first pair of teensy tiny socks, and I just thought they were so cute.

I have another pair of socks almost finished, but I’ll spare you on those until they are finished.

This sweater has been finished for months, but I hadn’t blocked it until a couple days ago. It made such a huge difference in the fit! I really like it now, but had been a bit disappointed in it before. It’s my first handknit sweater though, so I think I’m going to call it a real win. 🙂 Please excuse the hair, weird face, and no makeup…it was HOT, and I was wearing a wool sweater.

I actually have another sweater finished except for buttons and weaving in (16) ends. Gulp. Maybe next time I feel like putting up FOs I’ll have pictures.

I’ve finished quite a bit of spinning too…even though ALL my spinning mojo left right in time for the Tour de Fleece. I didn’t even finish one skein, and the one I was working on was worsted weight. Meh.

This is 2 ounces and 504 yards of laceweight soysilk – love the shine and am very proud of the way it turned out.

This is some wool roving I was gifted in a swap, from Colorado. It spun up super fast and fluffy. 6 ounces, 280 yards heavy worsted weight.

2 ounces Falkland wool into 110 yards worsted weight singles. This was an experiment in trying for Malabrigo type singles. I think it worked!

And this yarn is kind of old, but I wanted to post it because it’s the other 2 ounces of the Falkland that ^ skein was spun from.I love how they look the same but different.

That’s everything I have pictures of for now. I’ll have to take a few more WIP pictures this week…


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