Clothing Woes

Indulge me in a bit of a rant here.Yes, I know I haven’t posted regularly in over a week, but it’s coming back.

I recently had my first professional interview. Preparing for it, I looked in my closet and was a bit dumbfounded that I had absolutely nothing to wear. No shoes, no suit, not even a blouse to go under a suit. Oi. So I had to go shopping.

Let me first make it clear – I. Hate. Shopping. Unless it is book or yarn/fiber shopping. Grocery shopping is only made palatable by a drink from Starbucks. Clothes shopping…let’s just say my wardrobe (or lack thereof) is evidence enough. Some jeans that fit nice and a handful of t-shirts and tops in my favorite colors, and that’s enough shopping for me.

Unfortunately, I had to shop on a deadline. There was no getting frustrated and giving up for the day. The interview was the very next day (yes, I put it off) and I had nothing to wear.

I did eventually find something, after umpteen phone calls to a friend who endured all my whining with a very good grace. That leads me to my rant though – why is professional attired for a woman so much more complicated than that for a man? A guy can put on a nice suit, plain shirt and tie, and so long as he’s not wearing Air Jordans, he’s good. Meanwhile I had to worry if the blouse I picked was too casual, too cheap, too sexy, if the shoes were too old-lady, too New York, do they hurt my toes, do they make me look ten feet tall? Then there’s the jewelry. Not too traditional, but not screaming, has to be gold because silver looks terrible on me. And my hair. I have what can only be called a mane, because without regular trimming or at least ironing the whole thing it just looks kind of hippie crazy. Last cut was in March. Oi the second. I finally decided I had no real choice except to flip the ends under and leave it down to look even halfway professional.

WHY must it be so complicated? I think I looked fine in the end, but I spent hours and enough money on it to make me swear off eating for weeks. Meh.


3 thoughts on “Clothing Woes

  1. I really feel your pain. I hate interviews and I hate the process of preparing for one. I totally agree with you about the professional attire for women. As a young lady, I find it hard to find professional attire that doesn’t make me look too old or too young.

    I hope your interview goes well! Break a leg!


    • Exactly. I don’t want to look just like everyone else, and yet…what else is acceptable? And women are judged more on their hair and personal grooming than guys, I think (yes of course everyone will notice if a guy hasn’t combed his hair or forgot deodorant or something), especially if the interviewer is female.

      Thanks, I’ve got my fingers crossed!


  2. At the same time it can be easier – I mean guy have little choice – which is both good and bad. I personally prefer little choice (I think this is why I got along in TCs so well as far as clothing… especially with kitchen jumpers I didn’t care if I had a few jumpers I changed in and out of. I preferred knowing what was expected of me. I liked having a dress code when I participated in a quasi private school for highschool (it’s complicated to explain, it was for homeschoolers) – while everybody else hated it. I liked just putting on my uniform and not having to worry about what I was wearing.
    So I share your frustration – I personally wouldn’t care too much if almost all my clothes looked the same, or if I wear the same thing again a week later. Who cares if I wear the same thing at Christmas?

    But anyhow at the same time the freedom of dressing is advantageous in some ways. Like choice, options, lack of boredom, personal taste, spicing it up or down, being comfortable… But I think it depends on the gal how important those thing are to her. I don’t know – and now I’m rambling so I’ll go.


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