My kitchen is my nemesis. Right now, at least.

I don’t much like cooking on a good day, and recently I’ve had such a long succession of bad days (in that realm) that the Dominoes pizza delivery guy doesn’t even have to look for our apartment. Everything I try flops. In epic proportions. I’m even messing up the simple stuff, like hamburgers and chocolate chip cookies. I mean, really. What gives?

A new recipe for burgers, Cheddar Bacon Burgers from Allrecipes saved dinner the other night. Though they were still a little heavy on garlic…or maybe we were garlic-shy after the last burgers.I did leave out the horseradish and use an egg instead though, that could also have effected the flavor. But they were delicious. First winner I’ve had in awhile. >_>

In other news, I haven’t heard from the bank I interviewed with, so I’m going to assume I didn’t get that job. I’m not really surprised, but a little disappointed. I think I learned a lot from that interview process though, so that eases the sting a little. I’ve been applying other places, doing some writing, watching my plants grow…and having fun.


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