Still Hunting

Life update – I’ve decided job searching is very repetitive, not to mention hard on one’s self esteem. Every week that goes by without turning up anything, I ask more and more questions. Am I that unqualified? Do my skills not measure up? Did distance learning do in my chance at a career I might actually enjoy? Are my social skills that bad? Is something wrong with my resume? Why can’t I just write stories, knit, and test video games for a living?

Almost makes me wish I’d wind up pregnant so I’d have an excuse for not having a job in 9 months.

Adam doesn’t read this anymore, by the way.

Yes, I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself. My blog. Bugger off. πŸ˜›


One thought on “Still Hunting

  1. Hey!
    First of all, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. The job market is shit right now. I’ve always lucked out because of family and friends. Second of all, I want a job where I can write, knit and test video games too! Maybe we should start a company and just employ ourselves. I think things will look up for you and I hope that happens soon. It’s one of my biggest flaws, I’m an optimist.


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