Spoiled Puppy, You Are

I’ve mentioned here recently that my dog has been sick. He’s had some sort of stomach/intestinal problem that the vet wanted to bring him in and run tests on, but honestly…don’t have the money right now. So we did antibiotics, and I’m trying something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, just didn’t have the motivation for – a raw canine diet, mostly as described in Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats, by CJ Puotinen and using some of the ideas from Whole Dog Journal. Timmy is 10 and a half years old, a very good lifespan for a golden retriever (especially one of his size – he’s slightly underweight at 85 pounds), but I’d really like to have him around a lot longer.

Anyway, for the past few weeks he’s had nothing but fresh meat and some fruits and veggies. Yesterday morning I was out of everything (grocery run…uuuuggh), so I gave him what used to be his usual scoop of dry dog food. I put it down in the dish and he looked at it, then back up at me with the most shocked expression a dog can muster. And barked. Very loudly. Very indignantly. I laughed. I apologized. But I didn’t have anything else to give him, so he eventually allowed the affront and ate it.

Can you blame me for spoiling that face?

Could you resist?


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