*Something* Ate My Soul

And this time, it was not LotRO!

Ok, not entirely.

30-40 hours of retail a week, plus nearly 10 commuting…and I am just zonked. Also trying to keep a semi-decent looking apartment and quasi-decent food in us. The husband has been cooking more than I have. Bad, bad, bad. In fact last Friday I came home to steak, salad, bread, and dessert. Oh yes, and the week before it was flowers. Which I very sadly neglected to take a picture of.

Picture taking is also more difficult now, as I leave the house when it’s just getting really bright out and often aren’t back until it’s almost dark. However, it doesn’t take a picture to say what has happened to my poor little balcony plants amidst all this…

Anything requiring creativity has also taken a back seat, sadly. This includes writing, knitting, and decorating. I have half a post written on how I want to organize the library, the gaming area…oh well, I will get to it all eventually. But retail really does suck the life out of me. I’m not naturally an outgoing person, so while the job may not be that physically demanding, it’s exhausting mentally.

No promises on the frequency of posts, but I will try to be back soon-ish…



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