Bookish Socializing

So…there is Shelfari, where I’ve had a mostly inactive account for a couple of years now, and GoodReads, which I somehow wasn’t aware of and yet seems to be the most popular site. My goal in using a book socializing site is to be able to converse with friends and acquaintances about what they’re reading, their opinions on books, get ideas for new reads, etc. I’m interested in opinions on the two sites. Which do you like better, and why? What is your interest in using such a website?

I like Shelfari, and have been trying to use it more lately, but it seems a bit dead. As in not very many people actually use it actively, which sort of defeats the whole purpose. I do find a few of its features annoying, such as the “I own, do not own, want to own” option…I’m not looking for a personal library catalog system, I just want to be able to share and discuss what I’m reading, even if most of what I’m reading comes from the library. So I leave the boxes blank, and that annoys me because then my profile for that particular book seems unfinished. I haven’t tried GoodReads enough yet to know if the same issues are present there.


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