More Books

Well, I managed to get more reading done this week than I thought, again. This time I think it was due to limiting how much I browse on the web in the morning before work, and then the wrist injury I got at work on Friday that kept me from any knitting this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Typing is still slightly uncomfortable, but I wanted to get the books down because they’re going back to the library. So here we are. The bonsai book was a bit meh, but Remarkable Trees was awesome. Lots of photos, but lots of history and interesting facts, more than your usual coffee table book.

A Great Deliverance is the first book I’ve read by Elizabeth George, and I really wish I’d been a bit more prepared for the ending. I suppose that’s my own fault for not reading closely, but I was expecting more the typical cozy mystery whodunit ending, not the psychologically disturbing one there was. I finished it a few hours ago and still feel a bit ill. On the other hand, I loved her character and would really like to know what happens to them. They grew throughout this book and have so much more potential. After I recover from this one, I’ll probably read the next in the series.

7.ย ย  Remarkable Trees of Virginia, by Nancy R. Hugo and Robert Llewellyn
8.ย ย  Growing Bonsai Indoors, by Brooklyn Botanic Garden
9.ย ย  A Great Deliverance, by Elizabeth George


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