February: a Month of Letters

I’m really just a little bit excited about this.  The idea belongs to Mary Robinette Kowal (whose books I must now go read), and described in this post. I write and send quite a few letters and postcards as it is, and I love the idea of trying to send something every day. I’m not sure if my postman will love me or hate me. On the one hand – job security! On the other, my mailbox is one of only two I’ve ever seen in my building that actually has outgoing mail, so I think it’s something of an oddity or rarity for him. Maybe both.

I think I shall try to take a picture of my outgoing mail every day, and post it here a couple of times a week. With the weekends and holidays figured in, there are 24 days that the mail runs in the US during the month of February. 24 things can’t be that hard, right? I know I have some thank-yous that need to be written, and usually a letter or two to reply to. Maybe I’ll send some notes or a teabag to some people I don’t hear from often, or who wouldn’t expect to get something in the mail from me. I love getting and sending special things in the mail! As much as I love technology (iPhone, Nook, and gamer laptop FTW!), something tangible is so much…well, more real. You can definitely get to know people online, and some of my best friends I’ve met that way, but letters are much more intentional. Permanent, even.

Anyone interested in receiving a postcard from me? Feel free to leave a comment with a way to reach you (e-mail if you’re not comfortable leaving your address) and I’ll do my best.  🙂

This means I absolutely must stop at the post office tomorrow, because I am *gasp* completely out of stamps. There are some really pretty new ones out, too! Now just so long as I can find enough to match all my stationery. No, not anal retentive at all.


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