First Week of Mail

Well, I started out with good intentions but fell -splat- on the first day. I sent a note to someone I generally don’t write to (but would like to), but forgot to take a picture! It was a lovely Letter Writer’s Alliance card too. Ah well, here is the rundown.

February 1: LWA card mailed to a family member I’d like to write letters to, but not sure if she will write back.

February 2: A birthday card to my littlest sister-in-law. I’m horrible about remembering to send cards, so I’m glad this challenge is helping me with that. At least for this month. 😛

February 3: A letter to a pen-pal in the Netherlands.

February 4: Postcrossing! Postcard ID: US-1522981. A lovely picture of what it can sometimes look like around here in the autumn.

And a big thanks to Picnik for the lovely photo editing tools that allow me to share my mail without making the contents public (yay for “smudge”). I will be very sad when it is retired in April, and hope Google is smart and comes up with something decently similar to replace it.


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