To Catalog a Library

I am very pleased to announce that as of this afternoon, I have finished cataloging our personal library. That is, they are all listed on LibraryThing, and with proper cover art or no cover art (nothing more annoying than having books reprinted with new dust jackets under the same ISBN, if you ask me).  They’re all listed, and searchable, and the page is bookmarked on my phone so I can avoid the “oops, I already had that book” mistake I’ve made more than once already.

I am…astonished. Delighted. Satisfied (for a little while, until my OCD comes up with proper categories for them all and then I will be reorganizing and tagging them). Why astonished? Because of the number.

286. Only 286. I was convinced we had at least some 300-odd, but nope. Granted, we cull on a fairly regular basis. I hauled about 2 dozen to the library as a donation this morning, but even with those gone I would have thought there were more. But that’s ok. It means we’re only keeping the ones we really love/find helpful/information/entertaining. It also means…



Yes, because we all know having less than 300 books means that one has been very self-controlled in book buying for the last several months, and so I can indulge myself for a little while now. This is the most exciting revelation I’ve had in some time.



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