The Start of a Garden

I’m so very excited! I was able to get a garden plot in the Roanoke Community Garden. The garden is on an empty lot in southeast Roanoke, in an older neighborhood where most people would never think to put a community garden. Loaned to the community garden by Frank Roupas (as seen in the first picture), it’s a little dusty and dormant looking at the moment, but it’s coming to life.

My little space of 300 square feet – which sounds small after growing up with my mom’s HUGE gardens the last several years I lived at home, but which she assures me will be quite large enough for a first time garden – was a little neglected last year.

Slightly altered picture, with the edges of the plot marked by clipart daisies. πŸ˜‰ To be honest, I felt a bit daunted looking at the mess of old cardboard, leftovers from last year and all the weeds, but I went to work on it today. I didn’t get far…I guess I sort of forgot that gardening is manual labor. πŸ˜› The soil is fairly soft, but matted with all the roots of the weeds and with a fair sprinkling of rocks. An hour and a half of shoveling only removed the cardboard and got the soil around half of the perimeter turned, so it’ll take a full day to get it turned that way. A kind person has offered a tiller though, so hopefully that will happen within the next couple weeks so I can start planting.

Here are some more pictures, from the back of the lot and the view I have from my plot.

The storage shed built by a local boy scout, for his Eagle project.

Of course, a large part of the fun of gardening is the planning. I put in a small order of seeds today, even. πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “The Start of a Garden

  1. I am appropriately jealous! I was going to try container gardening on my balcony until I realized that the sun does not hit anywhere near the darn thing. So glad you could find your own little plot, though. Looking forward to many pictures in the coming months!


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