Third Week of Mail

Last week, I got a little behind with mailing things. I was still trying to recover from being sick, and working at the same time. So I ended up sending one letter, a batch of Postcrossing cards, and a thank-you. Sort of lame, but I did send at least one piece of mail for every day, just not on the specified days.

Also, there is no 75 Books in 2012 update for last week because I didn’t get to finish anything! 😦

February 13: Mondays seem to be my day for mailing pink envelopes.

February 14-17: All the postcards.

February 19: Thank-you note to my mom, who I’ve been pestering the heck out of the last few weeks with all my gardening questions.

Not sure if I’ll get to finish any books this week or not, just had a 13+ hour day yesterday and am working Monday-Saturday this week. Yay for overtime! But then my body is screaming at me. I can’t complain though, after we arrived back at the Roanoke donor center at 10 pm last night, some of the girls had to be back at 6:30 am this morning. At least I got to sleep in before going to work today!

Also, we finally got some snow! It was so beautiful while it lasted. I have some pictures I’ll attempt to share soon.


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