Food for the Mind

I had a revelation this week. It’s something every reader has probably joked about from time to time, but this week I realized…it’s true.

When I get a little money, I buy books. If there is any left, I buy food. ~ Erasmus

I was unable to resist the temptation of a sale and a coupon from Barnes and Noble, and finally bought one of the more expensive books I’d been wanting. Yes, it came out of my grocery budget. I can eat beans and rice, I don’t notice what bland food I’m eating much when I have my nose in a book anyway.

Blood and Mistletoe: the History of the Druids in Britain

I’ve been fascinated by ancient Britain for some time now, no doubt influenced by a lot of the popular myths and images floating around due to various books and movies. I’m hoping this book will help give me a more realistic and hopefully accurate view of some of the traditions of that time period. I’ve been trying to understand the practices of the modern forms of “green” religions, and am continually put off when books or blogs claim to be following paths laid down thousands of years ago…when, at least by my understanding, their religious practices originated a few hundred years ago. Yes, they might have been inspired by a culture from millenia ago, but since there are so few written records of that time, they aren’t truly practicing the same thing. Just a pet peeve of mine, one I’m trying to become a little more educated about.

Unfortunately, due to some sad circumstance, my 2-day shipping has turned into 3 and the book will not arrive until Monday (instead of today), when I will not have time to read it. Le sigh.


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