Seasonal “Can’ts”

I can’t knit. Can’t. Not won’t. Can’t. No matter how many times I look at the 3 lovely projects I have started right now, my fingers just won’t move to pick them up for longer than a row. The yarn hasn’t changed color or softness. The sweater is just as beautifully tailored. The socks are just as geometrically striking. The lace shawl just as lovely.

I just can’t. And I know why…it’s not a case of knitter’s block. It’s a case of picking and choosing what to do in my few hours of off time each day, and if you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll know what I’ve been doing with most of my time. When the weather hits the hot and humid stage, then my fingers will really start to itch again. But for now, my knitting projects are wrapped up, waiting for the right time again.

I’m not really a fan of such seasonal fluctuations in my creative activities, but I’ve learned to accept it. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad knitter, or that I’m especially fickle. It’s just a change of season. I’ve slowly come to accept that this is okay. To feel the change in seasons, to answer the call of nature as the earth reawakens in spring…it’s ok. In fact, it’s a good thing.

You can’t see it very well in this picture, but I’m attempting to dig out each of the 4 sections to make raised beds of a sort. The ground was rather dry when I was working on it this past weekend, and it just about killed me.

Also, it’s supposed to frost tonight. All my tender plants are inside. Hopefully the bushes from my mother (planted in huge pots, one of which sprained my wrist, around the edge of my patio) won’t be nipped.


2 thoughts on “Seasonal “Can’ts”

  1. I’ve stopped knitting too at the beginning of the month. We had a few super warm days and I just couldn’t keep going. I tried to finish a sweat that I started for my son but it ended up being such a disaster that I had to throw it away. I was very frustrated. Now I’m back to crosstich and I’m starting cooking marmelades too (strawberry marmelade today ^^). I don’t think it makes me inconsistent, after all, it’s also good to go with the seasons. We can’t be efficient all the time. Enjoy your gardening, it’s very satisfying to make things grow and even more satisfying to eat your veg and fruits afterwards ^^


    • I agree, gardening is very satisfying (and sometimes a bit heartbreaking when the wind or frost or bugs demolish a lovely plant.,..but such is life)! I just wish I had worked on some cotton sweaters through the winter, they would be very nice to wear now. Ah well, I can start again in the fall, right? 🙂


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