An entire month is gone. Yay for two-month long sinus infections, or so the doctor tells me. Trying a third antibiotic in hopes it will kick it out completely. I’ve also been drinking scads of Gypsy Cold Care Tea – as to the actual infection fighting benefits I’m not sure, but it always succeeds in opening my congested head (easing the constant “I can’t breathe“) for awhile, and soothing the still obligatory bout of morning coughing.

Anyway, my energy seems to be returning a bit, and maybe I’ll be able to muster enough to go weed my garden after work one day this week. I was surprised with a day off today, and since it looked to be constantly threatening rain (it never did, but I’m convinced that the moment I had set foot outdoors with intent other than to walk the dog, the sky would have opened) I stayed inside and got caught up on some letters and laundry. I’ve received a veritable mountain of lovely mail in the past month, and haven’t photographed any of it, more shame to me. Maybe I’ll get to it soon. I was hoping for a morning spent writing letters and an afternoon spent chasing rainbows, just because it sounded so nice, but alas. It was not to be. It’s just as well though, I feel tired enough as it is.

Meanwhile, there are aphids on my new rosebush, a gift from my mom and a start from one I had as a child. I screeched like an angry chicken when I found them today. How dare they. Also, how do they find roses so quickly? I’ve barely had that bush a month. Picture that I finally got around to uploading below, along with other plant gifts from Mom. These were taken right after they were transplanted, so they look a little stunned. They’re mostly much happier now. Also, in the future I will try to avoid getting my lime green phone cover in every shot. Ugh.

The rose, a Queen Elizabeth tea.

A hydrangea, dug up from my great-grandmother’s farm.

Bleeding heart starts, also from the farm. These are now leafing out gorgeously, by the way – they make me so happy. Beyond words happy.

A lilac, from my parents’ place.

Evergreen trees, that my brother grew from seedlings and that I hope will be destined for bonsai. Once I can figure out how to do so. Or muster the courage to try.

The no-makeup experiment is still ongoing. My skin just felt so much better after the first week, I couldn’t stand to put it back on. It’s slowly clearing up, and some days now I really don’t think you can tell that much of a difference from when I was wearing makeup every day. Other days I’m looking for my paper bag again. Overall though, I think going more natural (the lovely natural, herbal facial products I’ve been using deserve a post all by themselves) has definitely helped and I think if I can go equally natural with what I put into my body as well as on it, I might actually make a big difference. But that’s also another topic for another day.

Not much book progress.

26.Β  Not So Funny When It Happened, edited by Tim Cahill.


4 thoughts on “Blink

  1. I’ve been going without makeup, as well. Mine was more for cost – we’re a bit tight on the finances right now and it seemed ridiculous to be plunking down $8 per decorative item. I wear it now only to special occasions as a way of “dressing up.” Gotta say, my complexion seems to have improved and I kind of like my face better without it.


    • Makes you wonder what exactly is in it, doesn’t it? Even “natural” makeup. I think once I get the inflammation and breakouts under control I may try wearing it for certain occasions as well though…a little shimmer is nice sometimes. πŸ˜‰


  2. I have the good fortune of living in places where people don’t seem to care too much about things like makeup. I like it for dressier occasions, but in the day-to-day, very maybe mascara & very, very maybe a touch of cake eyeliner.

    That said, I am completely anal about skin care as I too have very sensitive skin. If you are still up for experimenting, you might try Shi Kai skincare products which are organic & specifically for sensitive skin (using borage flower as the basis for treatment) or the DeVita skincare line — their cleansers & moisturizers are wonderful, which come in a variety of formulations for various skin types. (They also have makeup, thought I have not tried it).

    Good luck with this venture — nice to have “discovered” your blog. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks for the names – I haven’t found that many natural products, aside from what my local organic store carries. Yay for going natural and not wearing a mask!

      I found your blog through your piece “If These Walls Could Speak” over at No Unsacred Place. πŸ™‚ I was glad to hear I’m not the only one who “feels” a house or building upon walking inside.


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