The Fates Were On My Side (i.e., Climbing Dragon’s Tooth)

I’ve been hearing about this trail and place called Dragon’s Tooth for months. As soon as we moved here and people even thought they heard I liked the outdoors, they would tell me that I had to hike Dragon’s Tooth. Everyone – from elderly people to college students. So I looked it up, it looked awesome, a little more difficult than anything I had hiked before (growing up in a very flat part of Ohio and with parents who weren’t so much into the outdoorsy stuff).

I’d been waiting for months for the weather and my days off to cooperate. Today I was on call, but I just had a good feeling so I bounced into the library at 8 something this morning and asked my husband if he wanted to go hiking. “Er…well, sure.” So I packed, waited the appropriate length of time to see if I would have to go to work…and then off we went.

Let me just say, no one specifically mentioned the fact that there’s a .6 mile rock scramble for the last part of the trail. Or that much of the trail is at something like a 30-40 degree angle. Errrr. But, we made it!It felt so good to actually get out and go somewhere, do something. The trees and rocks were beautiful, as was the view at the top. I need to do this more often. A lot more often. Often enough I won’t be stiff as a board afterwards. 😛



One thought on “The Fates Were On My Side (i.e., Climbing Dragon’s Tooth)

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