Note to Self

I refuse to think in the form of a Facebook status. Hence this blog post, the title of which was originally going to be the beginning of my status until I thought the better of it.

Do you ever make those little internal notes to yourself? Mine are usually after a severe facepalm moment. The kind that begin with “If I had only…” or “If I ever!” I’ve already had several this week, and it’s only Monday.

– Don’t ever ignore a gauge on your vehicle. Even if it’s just “being crazy.” Also don’t ignore timebomb noises that gradually get louder, along with the gauge getting crazier.
– Salad dressing can make or break your ability to enjoy salad. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. On that same note: baby spinach and strawberries. Seriously.
– Don’t mentally check off returning library books, mailing packages, or anything else until you’ve done more than thrown them in the backseat of your vehicle. Or stopped by and found the business in question to be closed. You tend to accrue rather large fines that way.
– Don’t offer to help the whiny bitch at work when she’s whining about something. She will immediately take offense because of course that means you think she doesn’t know her job.

On the bright side, a book update. I’ve finally managed to finish a few things. I’ve started taking my Nook with me to work all the time and have discovered it’s an excellent way to keep the whiny bitches at bay during downtime. Because one “you’re-interrupting-my-novel-what-the-bleep-do-you-want” glare and even the whiny bitches are afraid of rousing the engrossed bookworm.

27.  Magical Herbalism, by Scott Cunningham.

28.  The Path of Druidry, by Penny Billington.

29. The House of the Red Slayer, by Paul Doherty.

30. Magical Gardens, by Patricia Monaghan.


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