After Weeds

I’m so proud of my little garden now! After several hours of work (and an awesome husband throwing in his weight and accomplishing in 1 hour more than I could have in 3) it’s gone from looking like this:

To this:

We’ve had 2 days of hard rain since this photo was taken, so I know I need to get back over there and weed again soon or I’ll be doing it all over again. The miniature sunflowers will be blooming soon!

I neglected to take an “after weeds” pic of their little corner. It looks much better now, heh.

There was also a lovely lettuce harvest:

The peas will be ready (a few of them) this week too. So excited! Tomatoes are in, one of my pepper seedlings survived, and zinnias and cosmos have been given homes in the garden corners. Calendula and chamomile seeds have been planted as well but still waiting to see if they will grace the garden with their presence.


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