The Beginnings of Happiness

Whether or not the tomatoes produce as many pounds of fruit as I hope, whether or not the calendula comes up, whether or not the cucumbers survive, my little garden has already filled me with glee. My happy little sunflower (seeds planted in February!) corner with tiny, less-than-a-foot-tall Firecracker sunflowers. The pink dianthus, bought as a 6-pack from Lowe’s, are growing like gangbusters and have more than tripled their original size since March 21st.

Other than that, after 60-odd hours of work this week I’m too tired and have too much to do today to post more than a quick update on the books I managed to read in my short morning/evening time.

33.  Witches Bane (China Bayles #2), by Susan Wittig Albert. The cover of this book amused me greatly because it looks like something from a Clue game.

34.  Grow Great Grub, by Gayla Trail. One out of only 3 books I’ve read this year that get a 5-star rating. This is such a my generation gardening book. Love it and plan to buy my own hard copy of it as well as her other two books.


3 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Happiness

  1. Oh, pretty! 🙂 They’re looking lovely! Are you doing pilates when it starts up again, cuz I don’t wanna do it by myself, but will anyway, cuz I know a core workout is gonna be good for sword fighting.

    Also, I miss dancing, and I’m gonna start looking for something in the area, and want to drag you. Also, also… my therapist wants me to take martial arts of some sort, but I’m slightly terrified… Would you be interested?


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