Spiraling Up

(image the beautiful “Sacred Spiral” painting by Helen Klebesadel)

There’s always so much I want to do. So many things I need to do, be it disappearing into the woods for a few hours or experimenting with various knitting patterns or herbal concoctions. Then there are things that just have to be done, like the laundry pile or emptying the dishwasher. I need at least two of me to even have a decent shot at getting everything done. Or maybe if I didn’t have to sleep. Never enough time, ever. Sometimes I just want to clutch at my hair and scream, just for the frustration that I’ll never, ever get to do all these things. Read all these books, go all these places, try this or that.

Then recently I was reading Magical Gardens, by Patricia Monaghan. She mentions how a spiral is an excellent visual for the circle of life and experience (the specific page and chapter I can’t locate at the moment – should have written it down right away). Reading it, I had a classic lightbulb moment and my mind shot off in a million different ways.

The earth spins around the sun, the seasons turn, and the planet changes as our solar system moves through the galaxy and through space. Our lives are similar. We experience the seasons, the turns of the earth, in some form or another regardless of how much attention we pay to them. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter spin through their cycle every year, but they may change and grow (as evidenced by the early spring and new gardening zone this year). So do we experience life with the seasons, but not just in a circle. A spiral represents the broadening and deepening of our experiences and how much we taste of life, and it just keeps turning. So there’s no need to fret over what I didn’t get to do this year, or what I did do that I hadn’t quite planned but the time seemed right for. The spiral keeps spinning, the world keeps turning. The seasons will come around again. The important thing is to never stop doing the things that make the world and the seasons come alive.

So I’m trying to not stress, and just let the cycle turn…next week, next month, or even next year…there will always be something new to do, and there’s no need to rush. Life is a spiraling dance with people, nature, and experiences, and everyone’s dance is unique. No one can stop your dance unless you let them, and you’ll never be too old to dance another round.



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