Read Mountain Preserve – Buzzard’s Rock

I skipped a week of posting about our hikes…actually, I think I skipped two. Regardless, we’ve gone every weekend since the second week of May. Today we drove a few miles down 460 to Read Mountain Preserve, apparently Roanoke County’s newest park according to their website, though it doesn’t give an opening date. There are still a few signs of recent nature interference down near the parking area, but once up in the trees it was lovely.

The trail seems to be known as Buzzard Rocks Trail, from what I could gather online. A bit more wild than Mill Mountain’s trails, and not nearly so populated. You can still hear traffic for much of the hike, but once you get to the top it feels nice and secluded (though it probably isn’t, as the last bit of the hike is on rented private property).

1.9 miles one way, and NOT deserving of the “moderate to strenuous” rating given to it on the county’s website. It’s a little steep in a couple of places, but it’s a trail and not a rock scramble the entire way. If I hadn’t been intent on torturing myself today (an hour of Pilates, and head congestion) it would have been an easy hike. The only reason I can see it rated as moderate would be the steeper pitch of the land sloping away from the trail, which is more narrow than some. The view at the top was great, as was “Buzzard Rock” itself, which is marked by a sign (in case you take it and think the first rock you come to is the one…it’s not). I think that’s the Carvin’s Cove Reservoir you can see in the far right middle of the photo.

It’s an Ent! With…warts?

Wouldn’t you like to know? You’ll have to go see for yourself. πŸ˜‰

See? A little steep going away from the path, but not bad.

The trailhead. Where I, like a doofus, forgot to start my GPS track so I could add it to AllTrails. Guess that means I get to go back again. πŸ™‚

ETA: Yesterday, June 2, was National Trails Day. We missed it by a day but I was at work saving lives, so it’s ok. πŸ˜‰


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