What a Mess

I got up this morning and immediately felt slightly out of sorts due to a mess left in the kitchen that I’d forgotten about the night before. Smart move. How about NOT a good way to start one’s day off from work?

Then there was the laundry mess. Piles of it heaped at the end of the bed, in the closet (I really need to get a hamper), and left in the washer. Grump. The thing is…there is nearly always a laundry mess.

And then I was looking for something and opened my cedar chest, and there was another mess. Childhood memory mess, all thrown together with Grandpa’s shirt, and it made me cry. So I tidied it up, packed the sad things near the bottom, and left about a third of it empty for yarn storage. Now I don’t have to worry about finding a new plastic bin.

Stepped out on the porch to find a slug mess, due to the apparent death throes of one very large and ugly monster deciding to ooze around in a circle and then die.

Then the jewelry mess. I rarely wear it anymore, except for stud earrings, due to both my job and my style changing. A lot of what I have was a hand-me-down from my grandmother, so while it’s good quality stuff, not so much something I would wear.

Most of the messes have been cleaned up now, and I feel a little better. Messes squelch my creativity…it’s like I drown in them. Stacks of books and piles of papers neatly organized – that’s okay. Stuff just strewn everywhere because the person using it (just as often me as anyone else) was too lazy or in too much of a hurry to take 30 extra seconds to put it away – NOT OKAY. I start to envision my life and living space looking like this. I had trouble thinking in a messy space even before I watched Hoarders…now I go into spasms.

The messes may be cleaned up, but as far as my goals for the day:

  • write a letter
  • finish The Serpent’s Shadow
  • hull the fresh peas picked yesterday
  • knit to the end of my llama scarf

Only one has been accomplished (the letter), and the day is mostly over. Actually, I made that list with the overarching goal being “don’t go anywhere and don’t spend anything,” so I guess I at least achieved that one. 😛


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