First Body Art

Or a tattoo…but I like to make it sound fancy. I love it, and many thanks to Jason Setchel of Asylum Studios Tattoo and Body Piercing in Roanoke for doing an amazing job! I would go back in an instant and feel good recommending him and the studio in general to anyone.

I am way too flipping excited about this. I was scared to death it wouldn’t turn out looking the way I wanted it to, since all I could do was tell him that “I want this tree, but with color. But not solid. I mean not flat. But lots of blue and green. But more green.” Also, it didn’t hurt as much as I was anticipating…felt sort of like a sunburn and still does.


10 thoughts on “First Body Art

  1. That’s a gorgeous tattoo! I love the colour. I’m curious as to how you settled on this particular design? I’ve often thought about getting one myself, but I’ve never been able to decide on one image that I wanted to have on my body permanently in that way.


    • Thanks! A lot of thought went into the design. Trees are really special to me, and I knew I wanted a design that would symbolize that to me to some extent, mainly in the cycle of life shown in the roots (in the earth – death, decaying matter but still giving life) and in the branches (in the air, vibrant with life and giving other creatures food/shelter/oxygen). When I found Jen Delyth’s beautiful representation of the Celtic tree of life, I knew I wanted a variation of that (she doesn’t mind tattoo art from her designs), but with lots of rich color in blues and greens. I found Jason and loved his color sense, so I felt good about handing him the outline and just letting him handle the color.


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