New Ink!

No, not the permanent kind. After the last post you thought so though, didn’t you?

Alright, that’s a very bad attempt to be funny when I’m tired and a bit “meh” feeling. I really meant to write a garden update, but things are changing so fast that the last pictures I took are already out of date. I’ll still post them later, it just makes me feel behind. So instead…

I have a new Lamy Safari fountain pen! Specifically this one, purchased from the Goulet Pen Company (which, by the way, is an amazing company and I highly recommend ordering from them).

I might have bought it just for the awesome color. Though I’d been wanting to try a Lamy anyway, since so far I only have a Noodler’s Flex and a Platinum Plaisir. Not a whole lot to compare it to, but I definitely like it better than the Flex. I love the variety of beautiful colors the Noodler’s Flex pens come in, but the way a flex nib writes just doesn’t do anything for me.

I really like the way it feels in my hand. One of my biggest worries with fountain pens is that they will be too big. My hands are long but skinny. This is pretty much perfect. Heavy enough to feel, but light enough for my hand not to get tired (I’ve already written a couple of letters with it!).

This shot shows the color best, I think.

I was too impatient to use the converter I bought with it and just plugged in the cartridge it came with. Hehe. Overall the pen is a total winner and I will probably buy another Lamy. My one “meh” factor is the EF nib seems a little scratchy. That’s quite possible just the fact that it is EF and I bear down a bit too hard or write too fast for it, I’m not sure which.



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