Happy Things

It’s definitely time for a happy things post. Just a few things that have made me smile, made me glad to be alive, or just generally relieved stress this past week (or weeks).

  • Pilates at Empower . The girls and I rock the Sunday afternoon class, and Erin and Katy (owner and instructor) just rock in general.
  • A beautiful little corridor of peas! These are brown now and need to be pulled out, but it was so pretty while it lasted.
  • Stuffs from Goulet Pens! Squee! New letterboxing logbook, new inks, and new stationery.
  • A full tank of gas, regardless of the price paid for it…but especially when it’s $2.95 a gallon! And yeah, apparently I need to dust.
  • Blooming bleeding heart – plant started from the one at my great-grandparents’ farm. I cried happy tears. πŸ™‚
  • Photos for scrapbooking finally arrived! Happy because I’m feeling creative enough to work on that again.
  • A full cup of coffee on a rainy morning.
  • Did I mention that it’s raining? I suspect I won’t be so happy about the humidity when the temps soar later this week, but it feels beautiful now and it’s good for the gardens. Don’t think you can see the rain in this pic, but you can feel it (despite the blurriness).

    Here’s to a happy week for all of you!


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