One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

One, two, buckle my shoe;
Three, four, knock at the door;
Five, six, pick up sticks;
Seven, eight, lay them straight:
Nine, ten, a good, fat hen!
I don’t even know why that old rhyme popped into my head during all the organizing and cataloging I was doing today. Maybe it had something to do with my brief contemplation of why I feel the need to count and list and number. I’m not a mathematical person, but if I can’t remember or don’t know exactly how much of a certain yarn or fabric or which edition of a certain book or what variety of a seed I have, it bugs me. A lot. Enough to make me tear up a perfectly content (i.e., boxes not falling over) closet to figure it out.
That little OCD part of me is a large part of why I love sites like LibraryThing, Ravelry, and Folia. I can catalogue and take notes to my heart’s content, and easily bring up a list of what I already have. No closet diving or calling someone to go stare at my bookshelf and attempt to find that one book I think I might have but don’t know for sure, and if I do, is it in hardback or paperback?
Folia is amazing because of the seed stash function. Yes, there are lots of other fun parts to Folia, but frankly I only have time to notate exactly what’s sprouting/second leafing when it’s early spring and there’s nothing else you can do but stare at the dirt underneath which lies your planted seeds and hope. You can see my little seed stash here. My seeds are mostly supplied by my mother, who I swear has two green hands. I’m convinced she brings plants back from the dead.

LibraryThing is the bomb. I ❀ LibraryThing so very much. Books are my first and most constant obsession. Any other subjects of interest to me, I collect books about. Books worth reading again, old books, children’s books. I love books. I find it nearly unbearable to get rid of books, even if they no longer have any interest for me whatsoever. Forget even considering it if they were given to me by a special person for a special reason. Even if I’m too embarrassed to have those books on my public shelves, you bet it’s still tucked away somewhere. My collection is still pretty small, but I’m an obsessive book buyer/collector/hoarder. If the impulse gets really bad, I go to the library and check out huge stacks of books. I swear the librarians cringe when they see me coming.
Ravelry is a treasure trove of information on anything and everything you ever wanted or could possibly want to know about knitting or crocheting. It’s a database of yarns, dyers, and patterns. It makes my little OCD heart stand up and sing. I especially love the stash and library features. Oh, and the queue feature. Organization upon divisional organization.
Sadly Ravelry does not extend to fabric/quilting supplies. I once upon a time heard that there was a plan to eventually include them, but haven’t heard anything recent. If there’s a quilter’s/sewer’s equivalent of Ravelry, I’ve failed to come across it. So, I created my own little fabric stash catalogue. Via Picasa. I can’t stand the idea of cutting little squares of my fabrics out and pasting them on index cards to remember what I have, still less toting all the index cards with me on fabric store trips. So…the internet rules again. Since I don’t have very much fabric, this was an easy one to start and hopefully keep up with.
Do you have a way you organize or keep track of your collections/supplies, either for pleasure or work or art? Apparently this OCD only applies to what I consider my art pursuits, I could care less about what dishes or clothes I have. πŸ˜›

One thought on “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

  1. It’s great to meet another blogger who’s on LibraryThing! I love LibraryThing myself, and of course I am more than a little obsessive about books as well. I think that I am a bit better at occasionally getting rid of the odd book that I’m not interested in reading again, simply because if I did not I would have absolutely no room left for any further books – and that would be a very sad thing. Either that or I’d have to start getting rid of things like tables and chairs just to make room for my books. (That may happen one of these days anyway!) As it is, my library still manages to grow at an alarming rate even when I do weed books out. I am obsessed with organizing my books, and I can basically remember the location of every single book in my library, probably because I spend so much time staring at them! My LibraryThing catalogue is also obsessively organized and tagged.

    I haven’t heard of Folia before, but it looks fun. That will definitely be something to check out as well when I have a garden of my own.

    Books are the only thing that I am obsessed with organizing in that way (so far), but it would be fun to have a similar program/site to organize my collection of pens, notebooks, and other stationery.


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