Painting With Fabric

Fabric is my paint. Yarn is my paint. It can be very hard to explain to people who think of art solely as paint on a canvas, but it’s really no more difficult than that. I feel the need and the urge to put colors and textures together just as a painter must swirl a brush over canvas. It soothes my soul, quiets my mind – even when there’s a million things going on in my life or around me. I make things to remember events, places, people. I really enjoy taking a concept or character from literature or legends and making an interpretation of it through texture and color, so it only seems fitting that I make things for different events or phases of my life as well. I would love to make all the special people in my life something – but not even all of them understand or would appreciate my particular kind of art. While I’m certainly far from unique, it’s just not everyone’s “thing.”

Timmy’s quilt is progressing. Not sure how long this speed will keep up, but it’s suiting me for now.

A somewhat related project, another very special quilt.

This one I worked on for half of today, until the borrowed sewing machine I was using overheated and I had to stop. Using “Woodland Batiks” from Robert Kaufman with a Kona solid for accent and border.

Looks like my work schedule will be crazy busy for the next couple of weeks, so we’ll see how far I get on this one this weekend. Hoping to finish piecing (painting!) the top tomorrow, but we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Painting With Fabric

  1. I love this idea of painting with fabric, and of making things for the different phases of your life! That is much the way I relate to my art journal, but lately I’ve been becoming interested in exploring other media, especially knitting, embroidery, and quilting. Perhaps this is another expression of how much my life is changing right now…

    I love the colours of the fabrics that you are using. They are very gorgeous, and have a very autumnal feel.


    • Thank you! I would love to see your art journal; that’s something I’ve never quite been able to wrap my mind around. It doesn’t come naturally for me, so while I think it’s pretty it’s not nearly as relaxing as something like this.


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