Giveaway Surprise

I never win anything. I think it’s because I don’t generate a high enough improbability field. If I did probably lots of other, less desirable things would happen as well, so it’s ok.

But! On Monday I woke up to a very pleasant surprise. Sitting in my email inbox was a note from Hunter Hammersen of Violently Domestic, telling me I had won the giveaway on her blog for a skein of Malabrigo Arroyo. I think I squealed. At least I did in my head. It arrived yesterday, and it’s so squishy and soft. The color reminds me of a summer bonfire (because autumn and winter bonfires look considerably different, you know).

No idea yet what I’ll do with it. Any suggestions? It’s not a color I could wear next to my face, and I think probably too soft for socks (or at least the way I treat my socks). I do have a couple family members who look lively in these shades though, so scarfy things are not completely eliminated.


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