McAfee’s Knob

This post is long, long overdue – the actual hike took place on July 4, right after the massive storm that took out power throughout much of Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. I had been posting the hiking trip posts the week they were done, but since I also came down with the death flu the night after we hiked this, it was never posted. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. 🙂 McAfee’s Knob is such a famous part of the Appalachian Trail and so widely covered everywhere that I’m not really going to go into much description about the hike itself. It’s 3.4 miles each way, not very steep. Might advise bringing more water than we did, as we were rather parched on the way back – but that might also be due to it being nearly 100 degrees that day!

My husband standing out on the knob – my favorite picture from this hike.It wasn’t that early in the morning when we arrived, but somehow the light looked like it.

The Knob was a popular place that morning.

Me and a friend that joined us. We didn’t plan the outfits, I promise!

For most of the way up, it didn’t look like the storm did much damage, but once we were on the ridge about half a mile or so from the knob it was awful. I can’t imagine how many hours with a chainsaw it will take to get the trail clear again.

One of many trees uprooted by the storm.

This fascinates me…what sort of force has to be applied to get this to happen?


2 thoughts on “McAfee’s Knob

  1. Planning on this hike as a backpacking overnight. Should we plan to carry all our water or is there a spring or a stream ( other water source) on the trail or at top? We have a water filter. Just need a source. Planning trip for early November.


    • There is a spring near one of the shelters, when we were through it was only trickling but it had been pretty dry. Probably by November you wouldn’t have to worry about it? Even then we could have refilled if we’d had a filter but it would have taken awhile. As far as I know that is the only water source you pass. Have fun!


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