Another Finished Project

Two Sundays in a row with a finish from a long-languishing UFO – go me!

I started this scarf last winter, to replace the icky acrylic one (my first-ever knit project) I had in the same sort of color. I underestimated how much yarn I needed for my almost 6-foot self and ran out. It sapped my momentum on the project and I just stuffed it in a bag and sat it aside, waiting for the time when I could find/buy one more skein to finish it up. Last week we had a couple days of cooler temperatures, reminding me that I had a delicious 100% baby llama scarf almost finished that I could wear if I’d just freaking finish it already. So…yarn ordered, arrived, knit, and ta-da!

Loving the reversible cable pattern, “Both Sides Now” by Carolyn Kern. Free Ravelry download, ftw!

Other side of the cable pattern.

Since Leah Day of the FMQ Project opened the UFO Sunday to projects other than quilty ones, linking up with that again. Yay for finished projects!


10 thoughts on “Another Finished Project

  1. I need to get past the garter stitch with my knitting. Your cable pattern is enviable. Did I tell you I’m sorry for lusting after your baby llama scarf? πŸ™‚ It is lovely.


  2. Oooo! This might be the perfect thing for the yarn I’ve dyed and spun my favorite color of red. Isn’t it the perfect reward for finishing a UFO – getting it wear it and enjoy it?!


  3. Hi emwall24-bentneedle!
    I just saw your finished photos on Ravelry and I hopped over to your blog. I am Carolyn Kern. Thanks for your link to my pattern! Great job! Your scarf is lovely and I would love to feel that 100% baby llama… (Will you keep that acrylic one?)
    If you, or any of your readers, have time to check out my blog, well, please come on over!!! Two of my last four post were also about recent FO’s.


    • Oh, hi! πŸ˜€ I loved your pattern, very easy to understand and use and would highly recommend. I looked at your blog, that’s a beautiful Annis…I also have one, of bamboo/wool yarn. Yummy. And I probably will NOT be keeping the acrylic scarf…lol!


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