A good night’s sleep really did wonders for my state of mind.

“Blodeuwedd’s Woods”

The final border is now on. The next step is quilting – yay for playing with free motion designs! I had so much fun doodling on “Congratulations” that I can’t wat to do it again. I’m just going to have to think about how exactly I want it quilted for a bit before starting. Since I don’t have the batting or backing yet there’s no real rush. I want to try using Quilter’s Dream Orient for the batting. I haven’t been able to find any reviews or bloggers writing about using it, and I know it’s a little bit of an unusual blend for quilt batting – but I love blends like that in yarn, and it sounds like it’d be absolutely heavenly in a quilt. So I wanna try. 😉 For the back, I’m going to do a tiny bit of piecing. I have a couple fat quarters from the same fabric line and I’m going to get some dark brown Kona (my Joann’s carries a tiny little selection – hurrah!).

All the templates for Timmy’s Quilt are cut now. Still no more actual fabric pieces, but at least when I’m up to that again I can cut whatever pieces I want.



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