Autumn is Almost Here…

I love feeling the change of the seasons, regardless of what season it is. We’ve been sleeping with our windows open for the past couple of nights, and I woke up this morning to a distinct chill in the air and a new, crisp scent outside. I pulled out my knitted sweater work-in-progress and knit like a possessed woman for about half an hour (because I want to *wear* that sweater, darn it!). Lady Autumn is approaching with soft, slow footsteps. Daily we feel her presence growing and welcome the changing of the seasons with open arms. Living in Texas, where there are basically 2 seasons (broiling for 10 months and meh cold for about 2) taught me to never again take the seasons for granted.

Getting the itch to get back into the woods for some hiking. I really wanted to have my first overnight trip this year but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. 😦 Regardless, I want to get out and capture the changes on camera if I can – and in art. The season always inspire me to make something or start a new project.

Virginia’s Travel Blog has some lovely autumnal fun ideas. The one that most captured my attention – no, not hangliding this time – was the Golden Eagle Treehouse. One day I hope to live in a secluded enough place with big enough trees to have my own, but until then can I please have a night in this place? I’ve been through the Meadows of Dan area once for work and I really just wanted to tell them to leave me there, it was so beautiful. Not to mention the lovely Chateau Morrisette Winery is right there. Mmm.


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