Race Day

October 6th was kind of a big day. So big I didn’t feel like I could post about it until a few days afterwards! I was a little too busy to be taking pictures, so I’m ganking a few from the race’s website.

I think these are from a different year, but it looked pretty much the same!

I finished with the best time I’d ever had on a mile for my first mile, 11:10. Sad, isn’t it? But it felt huge, because (as I’ve explained before) running isn’t my thing. That I could make that time, even with walking for a bit here and there during that mile, was an accomplishment for me. My total time…ok, we’re not going to talk about that. Especially because I got a really bad stitch in my side the last 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile that slowed me down to basically a crawl.

Yay finish line!

But I did it! And I got a personal best time out of it, one I think I can reasonably hope to beat in the near future. They also gave all the finishers a pretty little medal, which I don’t have a good picture of but you can see over on Sweat Junkie’s blog post about it.

Doing it was kind of important, because 9 years ago on October 6, my grandpa died. It was completely unexpected, and even so many years later it feels like a huge part of my life is just gone. I miss him so much. He always believed in me, believed I could do whatever I thought I could do. That’s something that I’ve been trying to get back to thinking in the past few years. So it was really fitting that the race was that day, even if it made me a little sad.

I know he’d be proud of me. Maybe there’ll be more races in my future, or at the least more running…really need to get back into/stay in shape this winter.


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