Out of Sorts

Is kind of how I’m feeling about this week in general. The weekend was lovely, got to spend some time with friends and get a few more things settled in the new place. But we are about 3/4 here and 1/4 at the old place, so everything feels UNsettled even when we try to relax.

I really like it here. The organization is going to be a bit of a challenge, since our prior organization was something along the lines of “put it in a box and we’ll actually organize it when we move next.” Hehe. Well, next is here. I’m super excited to actually have things accessible and hopefully easily found again, but due to the really high ceilings here a lot of the storage is going to have to go up. Which means tall bookshelves, shelves in general…I’ve never hung a shelf.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the ceilings are about 12′. I’m a tall girl, and I can’t reach the inside top shelf in those kitchen cabinets.

Loving all the windows. I’m such a sunlight kind of person, so it makes me happy. Unfortunately the weather has just been grey and rainy and dreary for the past couple weeks, so we’ve constantly been chancing the rain. So all the books and bits and pieces of everything else are still at the other place. It’s very scattered, and it bothers me.

Also I’m leaving this morning for a 2-night trip for work, which ordinarily I kind of look forward to. This time it just feels like a dead weight around my neck. So very not happy about going, and I’m not sure if it’s just the slight ridiculousness of it (we’re only going to be an hour and fifteen minutes away from home) or that I’ve got a severe case of nesting what with the move and everything.

I’m currently very disturbed by the fact that there is an electronic on vibrate that I can hear, but cannot find. Both cell phones are accounted for, both e-readers (which I don’t think vibrate anyway)…and still. It keeps going off. I’m starting to wonder if our neighbors somewhere near by have a phone lying on a surface that is touching a conjoining wall…but I’d be very surprised if I could still hear that.

All that aside, I really wish it would stop raining. I know, it’s good for the water table, blah blah…but I just wish it would stop.


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