I am writing this as I sit in a freezing cold hotel room, just after 3 a.m., and I’ve been up all night. My roommate apparently can’t sleep without the surrounding area’s temperature being about that of a refrigerator, and we are due to clock in for work at about 4:30. Yesterday afternoon I took a long nap, and then had a triple shot mocha with dinner. When I get home this evening I will probably just implode with exhaustion, but in the meantime, while I sit uncomfortably cocooned in my hoodie, I wanted to share my latest (greatest?) sewing achievement.

Thanks to the lovely Birdiful Stitches Studio pattern, I finally have my very own, uniquely polka-dotted Nook cover.


I am excited beyond telling. Especially since this is the first item of this sort I’ve ever tried sewing.


I did make the mistake of using a different interfacing material than the pattern called for. I used Peltex, which was extremely thick and difficult to sew, and caused the wrinkling you can see in the second photo. It did create a nice, thick, and sturdy cover, but it was a real pain to sew.


The pattern was excellent, well-illustrated and easy to follow. There were only a couple points where I felt confused, and I think that was more my lack of familiarity with this type of sewing. It has templates for several different e-readers, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo in their variations. Definitely recommend it! It only takes a couple hours, so if you’re tired of paying astronomical prices for an e-reader cover (most of the Nook covers are $25+!) or just want a unique one, it is totally worth it. Fabric requirements state 3 fat quarters, but you could do it with less. 🙂


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